The Content Management System (CMS) for ASP .Net Applications.

Webaptive is designed and built from the ground up specifically for use with custom ASP.Net applications. Our unique CMS as a service architecture means you can add CMS functionality to your existing or new application without the need to master a third-party SDK or risk vendor lock-in. With Webaptive content doesn't have to be placed in vendor defined page templates, placeholders or controls to be CMS manageable thus eliminating development impact, maximizes the amount of manageable content and minimizes risks, costs and time to market.

Watch this video to learn how to add a full featured CMS system to your website in a few minutes.

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Why Webaptive?

Content Managers

Webaptive’s industry-leading features combined with the lowest implementation costs give you unparalleled ROI. Webaptive is the only CMS system to be tightly integrated with a hosted web analytics and user experience monitoring system.


Webaptive is based on a unique CMS as a service architecture and can be plugged into an existing ASP .Net application without the need to use any custom SDK or even having to rebuild or redeploy it. This keeps your ASP .Net application free of third-party controls, thus preventing a potential vendor lock-in situation, eliminating any impact to your development team and insulating your application from the added complexity of managing calls to a CMS system's APIs. Learn more.

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Full Circle Website Management Tools

Create and Manage Content

Webaptive features some of the best content-authoring tools. Integrated WYSIWYG editor and in-context editing let you create and instantly preview XHTML-compliant content, a powerful CSS builder lets you create attractive styles, content inheritance and workflow boost productivity, multi-level dynamic menu builder and image mapping tools let you create a rich user experience, and flexible publishing tools let you present the right content at the right time. Learn more.

Market Your Website

An integrated campaign managment system and search engine optimization features give you a powerful set of tools to meet your business objectives. Learn more.

Web Analytics and User Experience Monitoring

Webaptive is the only CMS system to be integrated with a web analytic and user experience monitoring system via Perfigure, giving you rich insights into traffic patterns, campaign ROI and a measure of the response and load times of every Webaptive-enabled page on your website. Learn more.

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