Administration Module

Administrators can manage various aspects of Webaptive CMS and Perfigure via the configuration module.


  • Default Culture and Location - Content from the default culture and location is rendered when no published content is available for the requested culture or location.
  • Enabled Culture and Locals - Content can be added only to enabled cultures and locations.
  • Custom Locals - Create custom regions (e.g., East Coast, Midwest) for ease of targeting. A physical local can only belong to one custom local.
  • Culture Cookie - Cookie set by the host application to override Webaptive's culture pick, which is based on browser header. The value of this cookie should conform to BCP 47.
  • Location Cookie - Cookie set by the host application to determine which location-specific content is rendered by Webaptive. The value has to be the two-character country code, and for the United States the option to add the state code after a hyphen is included (e.g., US, US-MN, CA, GB)


  • Cache Sync Interval (sec) - Interval between polling database for content changes to refresh stale content.
  • Browser Cache - Set browsers to cache all media files served by Webaptive. This only effects media files like images and should be set to true under normal circumstances; publishing new content should not be affected by this setting this option to true.
  • Max Allowed Internal Resource Size - The maximum size for media files hosted within Webaptive's media library. Webaptive caches content in memory on the server once requested to maximize performance (files over 10MB are not recommended to be hosted within Webaptive's media library).


  • Perfigure Enabled - Enable integation with Perfigure Web Analytics
  • Perfigure Site ID and Password - Click on "Access Perfigure" link at to register your site and obtain a Perfigure site ID and password.
  • Perfigure Trackable Cookies - Determines if Webaptive sends visitor cookie information to  Perfigure as part of visitor tracking for analysis. Filter out any application security, authentication or personally identifiable cookies using the "All Except" or "Selective" option.
  • Send Server Exception Details To Perfigure - Determines if Webaptive sends information on server errors within the host application to Perfigure for reporting.


        Visit the Security Management tutorial.


  • Full Text Seach - Displays if full text search was configured when the CMS DB was created. After creation of the DB this can only be manually enabled; contact customer support via our forums for details.
  • Highlight Search Terms - Determines if Webaptive highlights search terms when rendering a page clicked through from the search results page.
  • Highlight Style - Inline style used to highlight search terms.


  • Default Posting - The default page that is rendered when a requested posting/friendly URL/campaign is invalid or has expired.
  • Root Posting - The root posting for content and security inheritance, also referred to as site master posting.
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