Campaign Management

Webaptive is packed with many e-commerce friendly features, campaign management being one of the key ones. With Webaptive CMS, Campaign Manager and Perfigure Web Intelligence you can go from creating and managing campaigns to tracking and analyzing key indicators, providing you with a full suite of tools to manage your campaigns. 

Create Campaign

To create a campaign, click on "Create New" under Main Console > Manage Content > Campaign Management > Create New. The resulting dialog lets you create a campaign. Start with the name of the campaign and enter other details like Landing Page (the page the campaign links to while active), Friendly URL (a user-defined friendly URL that will lead to the campaign landing page), Default Page (the page the visitor is redirected to when the campaign is inactive), and start and end dates for the campaign. The campaign has to be saved before creating a friendly URL and to view the regular URL.

Create Entry Points

You can choose to add multiple "entry points" for the campaign. Entry points are additional ways for a visitor to enter a campaign - for example, a search engine campaign could encompass multiple keywords and/or search engines, and you could create an entry point for each combination to uniquely track stats for each entry point, helping you further optimize your campaign.

Campaign Analytics

Webaptive is tightly integrated with Perfigure. Key statistics for all campaigns created using Campaign Manager can be viewed in Perfigure after the campaign is active. Perfigure provides you with stats like visits, page views and average time spent, and for e-commerce sites order count and sales data. Perfigure also breaks down this data for each entry point and visitor type. Ensure Perfigure is configured and enabled by following the steps in the "Configuring Perfigure" tutorial.
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