Dynamic Content Inheritance

Dynamic Content Inheritance is a powerful feature that lets you centralize management of content, making it significantly easier to maintain a consistent look and feel and boost productivity.

The top level posting on the site is called the "Site Master." All pages inherit their content from the Site Master posting and every node on top of it in the site map. Content can be overridden at any level and the new content will be used for that posting and postings below it. In the example below, the product posting on the right inherits its content from various pages above it in the hierarchy.The header, navigation menu, logos and main stylesheet are all inherited from the Site Master, the style for the header is inherited from the "Home" posting in the form of a local stylesheet, the recommended items section is inherited from the "Communications"  posting, and the main product image and text are added directly to this posting.

How it works

If an element is CMS-enabled and has content entered through Webaptive, all postings below it will inherit the content into elements that share the same ID. The easiest way to implement this would be with the use of ASP.Net's Master Page - all pages based off a master page will share elements defined on the master page, and since those elements will have the same ID all those pages will inherit contente. Webaptive's content inheritance perfectly complements ASP.Net's master page feature. The same can also be accomplished with the use of ASP.Net's user controls; giving a user control the same ID on all pages ensures all the elements within the user control get the same ID, ensuring content inheritance. All postings based on the same web page will also inherit content from a higher level node based on the same web page. The top level for inheritance is the posting marked as Site Master; any posting can be marked as the Site Master via the administration window (Main Console > Administration > CMS Console > Root Web Page).

Tip: After overriding the content within an element, it can be set back to inherit by clicking on the "Clear Resource Value" button found on all content edit windows.
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