Webaptive Content Management System

Content Management System

Webaptive's CMS.Now functionality, built upon its CMS as a service architecture, allows you to plug a rich set of content management functionality into your existing or new application without having rebuild it using a third-party SDK. Gain all the benefits of using a traditional SDK-based CMS solution without the added development overhead or vendor lock-in risk arising out of building web pages using third-party controls. Webaptive's unique approach offers the lowest implementation costs and fastest time to market, giving your marketing team the tools they need now to stay ahead.

Easy to implement does not mean compromising on features. Webaptive is a full-featured CMS system, and its tight integration with Perfigure (beta) , our hosted web analytics and user experience/application performance monitoring system, provides you with an end-to-end solution. You could go from having limited to no CMS functionality to taking advantage of a full-featured CMS system even within an existing website within minutes! Learn how in this quick start video.

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Key Feature List

CMS .Now

Webaptive's CMS as a service architecture lets you go from having limited to no CMS to taking advantage of all the rich functionality of Webaptive in no time. Webaptive offers unparalled time to market and the lowest implementation costs. View CMS in 30 minutes video .

No Development Impact

With Webaptive content does not have to be placed in vendor defined page templates, placeholders or require an API call to be CMS manageable thus eliminating development impact, maximizes the amount of manageable content and minimizes risks, costs and time to market. Continue developement with standard ASP .Net and HTML controls and let Webaptive drive the content.

In Context Editing

Manage content right from within the page and preview changes instantly with Webaptive's industry-leading WYSIWYG editor.

Campaign Management

Create and manage campaigns right from within the web site. Webaptive lets you create master campaigns with multiple entry points and the ability to create friendly URLs for those campaigns. Tight integration with Pefornic lets you track and optimize all campaigns created in Webaptive without the need for any additional work.

Dynamic Content Inheritance

Webaptive's powerful content inheritance feature makes it a breeze to maintain a consistent look and feel across multiple sites. Content inheritance, based on the same object-oriented programming concepts, boosts productivity and reduces errors.

Create Rich Content

Create highly customizable and dynamic multi-level menus with ease using Webaptive's menu builder. Webaptive also lets you add customizable lists and breadcrumbs. Add image maps on the fly by simply drawing on images, or embed rich media like flash to your web pages.

Built To Scale

Webaptive is designed specifically to work with transactional systems and web applications where the main bottleneck is generally the DB server. Webaptive's advanced caching mechanism runs with virtually no load on DB servers (after filling the cache following initial request) but still picks up any changes to content or configuration within seconds (configurable).

Style Sheet/CSS Management

Webaptive's advanced style sheet editor lets you create and manage styles and rules using a very intuitive user interface. The ability to instantly preview style rule changes allows even non-technical users to create complex rules with ease.

Localization and Geo Targeting

Webaptive makes internationalizing your site as easy as picking it from a list. Webaptive lets you configure a page to render completely different content, style and layout to various combinations of culture and geographic location (e.g., an English-speaking audience in the U.S. and a Spanish audience in the U.S. see content differently from visitors from California and New York). This feature works in tandem with Content Inheritance, allowing you to only personalize select sections of a web page and let the rest of the content inherit from the default culture. You can do all this without having to create seperate pages for each combination.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In a world where most users start their Internet session with a search on a search engine, it's critical to do everything possible to help improve search engine ranking. Webaptive's support for search engine friendly URLs and meta tags would go a long way toward achieving that goal and improving readability.

Content Scheduling

Make content changes weeks in advance and line them up to go live at scheduled times or expire as needed. Webaptive lets you change the schedule at any time as the situation demands.


Webaptive maintains a history of all changes made to a page and allows for rollback and comparison to an older version. With Webaptive's publishing assistant an older version can even be made live on site. Webaptive's advanced versioning mechanism tracks only changes made thus eliminating redundant copies of content blocks from being saved to the database.

Perfigure Integration

Webaptive is tightly integrated with Perfigure. This gives you instant access to reports for postings and campaigns created in Webaptive without any manual work. All reports in Perfigure use friendly names given in Webaptive and not illegible URLs.

To learn more about any of the features described above visit our learning center .

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