Create New Posting

Three types of web pages can configured within Webaptive: not a template, internal template, and dynamic template. New postings can be created for both internal and dynamic postings.

Internal Posting

Any number of postings can be created from a web page that is configured as an internal posting by clicking on the "Create New" button.

This will open a window where you can add details about the new posting, such as name, search engine-optimized URL and position in the site map. Click "Next >" to continue the next step, where you will have the option to either inherit security and work flow or customize it for this posting. After that step Webaptive will create a new posting can be checked out, edited and published.

Dynamic Posting

If a page is configured to be a dynamic posting, new postings are automatically recognized as the specified HTTP parameter changes, allowing for a new posting to be created.

Clicking on the "Create New" button will open up a window that will allow you to configure the newly recognized posting.
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