Edit Content

After a web page is configured the elements that were selected to be CMS enabled can now be edited. The page will have to be first checked out. Checking out the page will start the work flow and lock it to the logged in user.

Select Element

After the page is checked out all editable elements on the page with a visible client component will get highlighted with a colored rectangle around. The tab on the rectangle displays the tag type and clicking on the tab will open up a editing window. The elements can also be picked by clicking on the "Pick Element" button right under Main Console > Manage Content > Edit, which opens a window listing all the editable elements on the page. This window also displays elements that don't have a visible component like style sheets, title etc.  
Tip: For editing meta tags and title make sure that the respective elements exists in the header section of the aspx page with a runat attribute set to server. There is no need to specifically CMS enable these elements while configuring the web page.

Editor Window


Selecting an element to edit will open a editor window. The type of window will depend on the element type and the type of content allowed. For elements that were allowed HTML or Text content the editor will display Webaptive's integrated WYSIWYG editor or a simple text box respectively. Property only elements would get a property editor or for images the Media Library.
Tip: The WYSIWYG editor opens with its design window set to the size of the content area, to expand the window click on the "Toggle edit window size" link just below the editor.
Selecting an elements that is marked as Webparts would open a window displaying a list available Webparts to choose from, currently the only options are navigational elements (menu, list and breadcrumbs). If the page has custom widgets configured editing it would open a window letting you configure the widgets editable property. And if the page has extended properties configured click on Pick Elements button under Manage Content > Edit in the Main Console and a link to edit those properties will appear at the bottom.
Tip: Changes made are saved between sessions when you click the Save/Update/Submit button in the editor window and you can come back to it at anytime. Click "CheckIn" only after you are completed all the changes, chicking "CheckIn" will put the page in the next step of the Workflow to which you might not have access.

Tip: Click the preview button (Main Console > Manage Content > Edit > Preview Chages) to preview the changes made without Webaptive's UI element, chick on the semi-transperant "Exit Preview" button to come out of preview, all open windows will get restored to their original state.

Commit Changes

Click on the "CheckIn" button to commit changes. This will create a new version of the posting and advance the workflow.
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