Localization and Geo Targeting

Webaptive features industry leading localization and geo targeting functionality. Target content based on the visitor's culture and or display varying content based on the visitors geographic location with ease. In Webaptive all content is localized, not just text but also images and styles, a web page can be made to look completely different from one target audience to another.


In Webaptive all content entered is targeted at a certain culture/geo combination where culture is the language preference of the visitor and geo is the geographic location. By default all content targets the default culture and location (en-US/US), the defaults can be changed using the administration dialog (Main Console>Administration>CMS Console). 

Before adding localized content cultures and locations have to be enabled via the administration dialog. Its important to note that Webaptive doesn't itself resolve the visitor's geographic location, that would be something that the host site will have to set as a cookie based on the visitors registration information or by adding a a way for user to select their location, it could also use an IP based geo-location service. The default name of the cookie is (CMSCLN) but that can be changed on the administrator dialog. Webaptive does pick up that locale for based on the browser's header information, the host site can choose to override that by setting another cookie (CMSCCN).

Localizing Content

All content entered is already localized to the default culture/geo combination and Webaptive will render that content to all visitors to the site. Content Inheritance is a key party of localization, Webaptive will render the closest available content to the visitor's profile. 

This behavior can be further tuned by setting the display priority on the administration dialog. Setting the priority to "Culture over Geo-Targeting" would result in the culture given a higher priority. For e.g. if content is available for these combinations English/US, Spanish/US and English/US-CA, a visitor from California requesting Spanish content would be served Spanish/US since Spanish was not available for CA. If the priority was set to "Geo-Targeting over Culture", in the above example, English/US-CA would get displayed, this behavior might be more preferential if the content is highly localized and default content is not relevant.

To localize content click on the "Pick Locale/Geo" button (Main Console>Manage Content>Edit), in the resulting dialog pick the Culture/Location combination and click "Select", all content changes would be localized to the just selected combination.
Tip: Use a work flow to streamline localization, add steps to translate, geo-target and approve each locale to ensure optimum quality.
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