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Webaptive's lets you create a wide range of highly customizable navigation menus and lists. Webaptive comes with 3 types of navigation controls - menus, breadcrumbs and lists. To add a navigation control to a page first CMS enable it and configure a supported control on the page with "Webpart" as content type Then checkout the page and edit that control. Webaptive will let you pick from one of these 3 types of controls and then let you configure the selected navigation control. After saving the configuration the selected navigation control will get rendered inside of the selected element. Only controls that can contain child controls can be selected to contain a Webpart.


Webaptive's menu control can be used to create a wide varity of navigation menus. Below are examples of some menus created using Webaptive's menu builder.


Selecting the "Navigation Menu" option opens up the Menu Builder tool. The Menu Builder can be used to create horizontal and vertical menu. Under vertical menu it gives you the option to make it "open down" or "fly out". The first sample above is that of a horizontal menu followed by a vertical open down menu and then a vertical fly out menu. After selecting one of these 3 options click the next button.

The next screen lets you build the menu by clicking the "+" button and picking the target for each item.

You will have the option to point it to directly to URL or pick a posting from the sitemap. You can choose to link it directly to a posting, directly list all children of a posting or directly list all postings based of a web page. Choosing a depth greater then 0 would result in a "fly out" menu (except for open down menus).

As you add menu items they show up on the right side of the main body. On the top left are the default options that determine how the menu displays, these options can be overridden for any menu item by selecting it and editing its properties at the lower right hand section. For menus that were added with a depth of 0, sub menus can be manually added by clicking on the ">" button on each menu items, menus can also be moved up or down and deleted by clicking on the respective buttons on the menu item.

Tip: All types of menus show up vertically in the menu builder, to preview how a menu would look like click on the preview button at the lower right hand corner.

Tip: While rendering the menu webpart inserts scripts into the web page, to be XHTML compliant these scripts should ideally be placed within the head tag of the web page. To ensure Webaptive has access to the head section ensure that it has the runat attribute set to server. New aspx pages created with Visual Studio 2008+ should already have this attribute set.


A list is quick way to display a set of links in a tabular fashion. The list can be custom build or picked from the sitemap.
To create a list pick "List" as the option when editing an elements configured to contain webparts. This will open the list builder. Add items to the list the as described above for Menu Builder. You could add one item at a time or add whole sections from the sitemap, the lists would automatically grow as the sections expand.
The thumb image and text can be added to the posting the item links to (Pick Elements > Thumb Image), or can be customized by selecting the custom option in the drop down.


Breadcrumbs is a navigation aid used in user interfaces to give users a way to keep track of their location within the websites. Webaptive lets you easily add breadcrumbs to your website by using the breadcrumb webpart and breadcrumb builder.

The builder lets you customize the template and the styles allowing you to finely control the display. The breadcrumb is rendered based on the position of the viewed posting in the sitemap.
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