Perfigure Integration

Perfonic Performance Report
Perfigure is a hosted web analytics and user experience monitoring system. Before those reports can be generated the administrator will have to spend a few minutes integrating the CMS instance with Perfigure service.

Register Site

The first step is to log in to Perfigure and register your web site. This step will give you your site's ID and password. After registering the site in Perfigure enable Perfigure by logging into your Webaptive CMS site and selecting the enabled option under the Perfigure section of the administation module (Main Console > Administration > CMS Console). Enter the site ID and password provided during registration.

Configure Options

The Perfigure section under administration also lets you configure various Perfigure-related settings.
  • Perfigure Enabled - Enable integation with Perfigure Web Analytics
  • Perfigure Site ID and Password - Click on "Access Perfigure" at to register your site and obtain a Perfigure site ID and password.
  • Perfigure Trackable Cookies - Determines if Webaptive sends visitor cookie information to Perfigure as part of visitor tracking for analysis. Filter out any application security, authentication or personally identifiable cookies using the "All Except" or "Selective" option.
  • Send Server Exception Details To Perfigure - Determines if Webaptive sends information on server errors within the host application to Perfigure for reporting.

Record Transactions

Perfigure transactions are key pathways within your application, like customer registration or check out process. Use the transaction recorder to record the click stream and publish them to Perfigure to view reports on how these pathways are performing.

To record a transaction, click on the button next to Perfigure Transaction Manager under the Perfigure section of the administration module. The resulting dialog will let you record a new transaction or re-record an existing one.
Transaction Recorder

The transaction recorder records every page you visit and server control clicked as you browse the site. After you are done with the last step, click Publish to publish the transaction to Perfigure servers.
After publishing, the transaction will be visible (if enabled) in Perfigure reports.

Perfigure Page Properties

To get the most out of Perfigure and enhance Perfigure reports, certain types of pages (e.g., order conformation page, login page) can be categorized and configured so Webaptive can gather more information for analysis within Perfigure.

For pages like order confirmation, pick the elements on your web page that contain the values corresponding to the labels, like order number and value. This information is sent to Perfigure and shows up in various reports like campaign performance.
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