Perfigure Web Intelligence System

Perfigure reports can be categorized into two broad types: web analytics and user experience monitoring. Web analytics reports relate to traffic, e-commerce and campaigns, and user experience monitoring relates to page load times, transactions and exceptions monitoring. After you have registered your site with Perfigure and enabled it in your CMS administration module, log in to Perfigure ( to view these reports.
The reports UI is self explanatory - below is a brief of what to expect. If you have questions please contact our customer support via forums .

Traffic Reports

Traffic reports provide you with a detailed breakdown of visits to various CMS-enabled pages on your site. Clicking on details will give you more information, including click stream analysis.

E-Commerce and Campaign

E-commerce reports givesyou sales and conversion information for the selected date range. If there are active campaigns the report will contain information on traffic and sales.

Site Performance Reports

Perfigure analysis gives load times for real users on your web site to report on the real-world performance stats of your web site. Perfigure also breaks down the performance into chunks to give further insights into what is behind the averages. The first report above is the average performance for the entire site, the second one is for a particular web page.

Transaction Reports

The transaction reports provide performance reports for transactions recorded using Webaptive's transaction recorder and published to Perfigure. Perfigure analyzes the click pattern of every user on the site and reports data from the ones who complete transactions.

Exception Reports

 Exception Details

If "Send Server Exception Details to Perfigure" is enabled under the Perfigure section in the administration module, Webaptive will send details of errors on any CMS-enabled page for analysis and reporting. In Perfigure you can view reports on exception trends and details of recent exceptions, including the visitor's click stream prior to getting the error, helping you diagnose and fix the condition.
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