Before content added or updated in Webaptive can be rendered on the live site the posting has to be published. The last step in every workflow is to publish the changes made during the workflow.

Scheduling Content

To publish content as part of the work flow click on the Publish button under Main Console > Manage Content > Edit.

This opens the scheduling window. Select the start and end dates and click publish. If the current time is within the published range the published content will be rendered on the live site. Webaptive uses the latest published content to render a posting.

Tip: To ensure there is no content lapse pick "Never" as the end date, and when a newer version is published it will automatically get preference. Pick a specific expire date if you want the content changes to expire and fall back to the previous version - make sure there is a previous version that has a future expire date or the posting will not be displayed.

Changing Schedules

Administrators and power users can change content scheduling by clicking Manage Publishing under Main Console > Manage Content > Manage > Manage Publishing.

This opens the publishing assistant, which lets you edit existing schedules or create new schedules from approved versions of the posting.
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