Style Sheet/CSS Management

The ability to create and manage style sheets and style rules is critical to creating user friendly and nice looking web pages. Webaptive comes with some of the best tools in the industry to help manage style sheets.

Editing Style Sheets

To edit a style sheet, start by making sure the "link" element is given a friendly ID and has its runat parameter set to server. While configuring the web page CMS, enable link elements on the page and content type will be automatically set to "properties." Selecting a "link" element to edit will open up the style sheet editor. The style sheet editor will import any rules already present in the CSS. To add a new rule click the "Add" button at the bottom, or to edit an existing rule click on the "Edit" button next to the style rule.

This will open up the style rule editor. Changes made to a rule are instantly previewed on the page, allowing you to tweak the the rule until it looks just right. NOTE: Clicking on the "Done" button on the rule editor does not permanantly save the change. For the change to persist, click on the save button in the style sheet editor.

Editing Inline Styles

To edit the style of an element inside Webaptive's WYSIWYG editor, click on the element tag at the bottom of the design window. This will open a style rule builder, allowing you to edit its inline style. Changes made can be instantly previewed within the design window of the WYSIWYG editor,
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