Webaptive lets you to take advantange of a full featured CMS system within your existing or new ASP .Net application without having to master a third party SDK or run the risk of tighty integrating your application with a third party solution. Learn how Webaptive's unique CMS as a service architecture lets you add all the rich features described below using only UI driven configuration.

Configure Website

Webaptive's ground breaking architecture lets you CMS enable an ASP.net website/applications simply by following some the basic configuration steps described in this tutorial.

Configure Webpage

Webaptive lets you create templates out of any existing ASP.net webpage without having to embed third party controls or make any other changes to the page itself. Content and properties of most ASP.Net Web (Literal, Panel etc) and HTML Controls (DIV, P, SPAN etc with "runat" attribute set to "server") can be managed through Webaptive CMS. To configure a webpage for the first time follow the steps described in this tutorial.

Edit Content

After the web page is configured the elements that were CMS enabled can now be edited. This tutorial describes how the various types of elements and content type can be edited using Webaptive.

Create New Page/Posting

Webaptive gives you 3 options when registering a web page. A web page can be configured as not being a template, an internal template or a dynamic template. New postings can be created for both internal and dynamic postings. Learn more about these options in this tutorial.

Navigation Controls

Webaptive's lets you create a wide range of highly customized navigation menus and lists. Webaptive supports 3 types of navigation controls: menus, breadcrumbs and lists. This tutorial describes how to add these to your web page.

Dynamic Content Inheritance

Dynamic Content Inheritance is a powerful feature that lets you centralize management of content making it significantly easier to maintain consistent look and feel and boosting productivity. Learn now content and security inherits from the site master page and down every node in this tutorial.

Style Sheet/CSS Management

Ability to create and manage style sheets and style rules are critical to creating user friendly and nice looking websites. Webaptive comes with some of the best tools in the industry to help manage style sheets, learn more about them in this tutorial.

Media Management

Webaptive's Media library can be used to store and serve media files, media library supports most commonly used image, video and audio formats. Learn more on how to manage the media library and create image maps on the fly in this tutorial.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Webaptive offers many tools to help you optimize your website to maximize search engine ranking and traffic and this tutorial describes how the make the most of these tools.

Localization and Geo Targeting

Webaptive features industry leading localization and geo targeting functionality. Target content based on the visitor's culture and or display varying content based on the visitors geographic location with ease. Learn how to internationalize and geo-target your website in this tutorial.

Search Configuration

Search is an essential feature of any website. Webaptive is designed specifically for web applications and for that reason its search feature is highly configurable. Displaying search can be accomplished without having to embed any third party controls or referencing a third party SDK, learn about it in this tutorial.


Before content added or updated in Webaptive gets rendered on the live site the posting has to get published. The last step in every workflow is to publish the changes made during the workflow. Learn more about the various publishing options in this tutorial.

Content Version Management

Webaptive creates a new version of a posting a user clicks checks in changes. These versions create a history that can be used to investigate what changed and rolled back to if need be, learn more about it in this tutorial.

Campaign Management

Webaptive is packed with many e-commerce friendly features, campaign management being one of the key ones. With Webaptive CMS, Campaign Manager and Perfigure Web Intelligence system you can go from creating and managing campaigns to tracking and analyzing key indicators providing you with a full circle of tools to market your website. Learn more about how to make the most out of Webaptive’s campaign management tools in this tutorial.

Administration Module

Administrators can manage various aspects of Webaptive CMS and Perfigure via the configuration module. Learn more about the configuration and administration options in this tutorial.

Security Management

Webaptive's security management and workflows are tightly integrated. Security options can be configured from the security section of the administration dialog (Main console>Administration>CMS Console), learn more about Webaptive’s security management in this tutorial.

Perfigure Integration

Perfigure is a hosted web analytics and user experience monitoring system. Before those reports can be generated the administrator will have to spend a few minutes integrating the CMS instance with Perfigure service. This tutorial describes the steps involved in making your website stats available via Perfigure.

Perfigure Web Intelligence System

Perfigure is the only site analytics and performance monitoring system to come tightly integrated with a CMS system. Learn how to get to know your site better with Perfigure.


Learn how to use some of Webaptive’s diagnostic tools to help troubleshoot issues.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows Server 2003 and above including Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2
Hardware: Any hardware capable of running the supported operating sys.....
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