Why Webaptive?


Content Managers

  • CMS.Now: Get the features you need to create and maintain a compelling web experience at a fraction of the implementation costs and time to market.
  • Rich Feature: Webaptive's "Plug 'n Play" implementation does not mean it is low on features. Webaptive is a full-featured content management system allowing a non-technical user to create and manage web pages with ease. Webaptive's integrated WYSIWYG editor, menu builder, CSS editors, image mapper and other intuitive tools help you create a rich user experience. 
  • Marketing Tools: Effortlessly go from creating content to marketing your site using Webaptive's campaign manager and then tracking your campaigns via Perfigure Web Intelligence System. Webative lets you create search engine-friendly URLs and manage meta tags to help you achieve your business goals and search engine ranking.
  • Know Your Website: Webaptive is tightly integrated with Perfigure Web Intelligence System. Perfigure not only gives you rich traffic and user behavior analytics, but also completes the cycle by giving you rich insights into the experience on your website. Slow response times and errors can quickly turn away customers - Perfigure lets you find and fix the errors in time.


  • CMS as a Service: Take full advantage of Webaptive within your existing or new ASP.Net application without to having master a third-party SDK or make any significant changes to your application.
  • Avoid Vendor Lock-In: Building your web pages using a third-party SDK and controls means you run the risk of vendor lock-in. The only way to switch a CMS vendor at any point would be to rebuild all your web pages. The only impact of turning off and uninstalling Webaptive is to the content served by Webaptive - your application will continue to work as it did before, since your application does not reference Webaptive directly.
  • Better Coverage: Webaptive supports most ASP.Net Web and HTML controls (literal, label, body, div, span, p, table, etc.), so any content on even the most transactional pages can be managed through Webaptive with ease. No custom SDK also means web pages developed by any ASP.Net developer on your team can be CMS enabled.
  • Eliminates Development Impact: With Webaptive CMS you can enable your web applications without making any changes to how the application is developed. There is no third-party SDK and no custom controls, so web development continues with well-known ASP.Net controls and standards. In fact, Webaptive should significantly boost developer productivity since now there is no need to worry about embedding content and styles within web pages.
  • Perfigure User Experience Monitoring: Webaptive is tightly integrated with Perfigure Web Intelligence System. Perfigure provides you with a rich set of user experience reports like site performance, page load times and errors. Perfigure records server errors in real time, providing you with details on what happened on the server (stack trace) and the user's session details, including click stream, saving you countless hours diagnosing and fixing error conditions.
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